April 25, 2010

Covered in Flowers!

Since Erin Wasson walked on the runaway in that floral fairy tell Ralph Lauren dress, flower mania exploded once again. Many flirty and vapoury flower prints invaded fashion collections in stores. Flowers are beautiful, the amazing colors and shades inspire our happiness and state of mind. Fit for every ocasions, even an elegant chic night at the Gala, flowers make our lives more fun and cheerful! Flower prints are perfect for spring sunny days so i managed to create different outfits according to everyday activities. Cocktail party Club queen Shopping! A night at the opera A walk in the park Ladies who lunch Casual Saturday Date

April 22, 2010

Don't forget to buy the best fashion magazines on the stands today! (at least for me)

I miss having my pile of magazines around me to browse them thousands of times. Becouse this month we're saving money it must be enough fo me just to admire them from the shop windows.

Green Day!

Enjoying the sun and smelling the flowers in West Ham Park!

April 18, 2010

Warm London weekend!

Long weekend, long walks. I just love to walk around all over the town and look at the amazing people i encounter. I'll try in the next weeks to photograph interesting outfits and stylish people becouse everyday they strut in front of me, making London a fashion podium!

April 16, 2010

My affair with jewellery!

Not expensive but priceless, my collection of careful chosen accessories through years. The colors, the shapes, the textures, the materials, everything screams my name.

One owl, two owls, three owls ....

Hello pink lemur readers, I'm one of those maniac persons that enjoy searching in other people's bags. I have lots of bags, i always want to buy more bags and every time i need to have my essentials. My favourite think is the Marilyn Monroe cigarette case which i always carry with me even though i hardly smoke. If i could i would take the real Marilyn Monroe in my purse as well!!! A very beautiful, simple, roomy white MIU MIU bag that goes with everything.