August 25, 2010

United Kingdom Of Vintage PortoBello!

Vintage at it's best, area, market Portobello! I went with my friend in search of the british feeling, a place that makes us forget about our normal life in London. Here you're not feeling only tourist but inspired to create art, to make something, to open a store, to do something courageous and brave for yourself. Basically it's a place where you can find all sorts of accessories and objects, antiques, made by leather, western or 50's inspired, war clothes, silverware, metallic boards for bars and so on. I liked very much the leather colorfull bags, big bags for travelling, amazing earrings and pins, all of them worn before and made in Europe after 1900. An old asian woman was selling well known labels silk scarfs for 5 pounds and she was talking on and on about them, about the materials, the shapes, the pattern, you could see she new a lot about them and about a time we can only dream at. It's really a fascinating place from were you can dress and express as an unique fuman beeing and we all want that!