July 24, 2011

Holy Summer!

My lovely 40 degrees summer holiday in Mamaia resort!

July 21, 2011

Coral Envy!

My most amazing summer outfit collage! 1. Eric Javits black round straw wristlet bag 2. Gold hair bands 3. Ray Ban aviator specs 4. Still Life, Marc Jacobs straw hat 5. Christian Louboutin-holalita-flat-ponyskin-sandals 6. Leather bracelet with gold plates

July 15, 2011

My Summer Wine!

I can also call it My Summer List! Perhaps for next summer... But one by one i'll do them all! 1. I absolutely adore kitesurfing! It looks amazing! 2. Going on a hot air balloon ride and enjoy the heights! 3. Having a hammock in my green garden (first i need a garden)! 4. Ben-and-Jerrys-Bohemian-Raspberry-Ice-cream, no need to say more! 5. A holiday in the beautiful Greece, Santorini 6. Eating lots of cool watermellon! 7. The most exciting bubble ride over the hills! 8. Seashells candels

July 12, 2011

Some call it Hiking!

Hampstead Heath, the peaceful forest!

Crushing an Office Party!!!

Hello to my millions of viewers, i finally post something but i have an excuse. Lately i took care of myself -legally-; plus it rained a lot! Therefore the lack of pictures! However few days ago me and Kati crushed a strangers office party! We came, we drinked, we ate and we talked to them like we knew eachother from work for years (this when they got drunk)! It was a fun experience! Two pictures when we were fresh!